Saturday, March 10, 2012

Monster Stock Art & Minis Kickstarter closes March 14

I have backed the Monster Stock Art & Minis Kickstarter project, which closes on March 14 at 11 pm EST.

Personally, I backed this project for the cardstock laminate minis. I don't have the money or time for real minis. I was impressed by the minis that came with the Pathfinder Beginner Box and my son loves them, so I figured this Kickstarter was a no-brainer - you get about 400 minis and 16 stands for $25. Plus the art is great, here are some samples:

The project is about $500 away from its third stretch goal of $7500. If you have any interest in the project, make sure to pledge soon.

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  1. That looks awesome---thanks for pointing the way!

    Kickstarter is the nirvana of small rpg publishing...