Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gaven Bonecrusher, Cleric of Light in the West Kingdom PbB campaign

This is my PC in the upcoming West Kingdom play-by-blog Swords and Wizardry: White Box campaign DM'd by Bard. I'm looking forward to see how long I can keep him alive.

Name: Gaven Bonecrusher
Class: Cleric
Level: 2
Alignment: Law

AC: 18 [10 + 6 (Plate mail) + 2 (Shield+1)]; 19 vs. undead
HP: 10/12
To Hit Bonus: 0
Dex Bonus: 0
Save: 14
Save Modifiers: +2 to saves vs. poison and paralysis

STR: 10
INT: 9
WIS: 11
CON: 12
DEX: 12
CHR: 12

Gaven's Club ‘of Light’ - silvered w/ Maggie's Moon Ribbon (+1/+2 vs. were-creatures)
Goblin's spear w/ no tip

Gaven's Holy Symbol ‘of Light', wooden 
Medallion of the Righteous (+1 AC vs. undead)
Plate mail
Borland's Shield (+1 AC)
Fine quality cloak, blue with white-trim

Backpack (30 lb capacity)
Waterskin - filled with clear liquid from font (Blackwell Church)
Rations, trail (3)
Rations, dried (3)
Flint and steel
Torches (6)
Rope (50 ft), silk
Sack (30 lb capacity)
Mirror (small), steel
Case, map/scroll
Parchment, quill, ink 
Distillate of Bezoar (cures any poison if taken quickly before death occurs)
Holy water, small vial 
Wolfsbane, bunch (2)
Holy Water (1)
Spear tip covered in red substance (from Catacombs)
1 Scroll fragment containing part of a Prayer for the Dead
2nd Scroll fragment containing part of a Prayer for the Dead
1 Black Iron Amulet (same symbol as in graffiti in Blackwell Church)

1 Bottle gold liquid
1 Bottles clear liquid (appears same as that taken from font in Blackwell Church)

1 Cleric Scroll: Light

Items given:
Belloc's map
Harlon's map

Turn Undead (HD Undead/Roll over 3d6): 1/7, 2/10, 3/13, 4/15, 5/17

Level 1 spells Known: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Chaos, Detect Magic, Light, Protection from Chaos, Purify Food and Drink

Level 1 spell Memorized: Protection from Chaos

Coins: 26 gp, 5 sp, 4 cp  (75 gp banked in Temple in Fairbrook)

Current XP: 2037.95 / 3000 for level 2

Major expenditures, level 2: 0/751 gp in donations to church

Other Details/Description/Traits:
An unremarkable young carpenter from Woodfield of average height and build with dull brown hair and eyes. He was ‘called by the Light’ one stormy day while gathering wood from North Stagwood with some friends. A group of skeletons came upon them when the storm was fiercest. His friends cowered, but Gaven stood true believing ‘the Light’ would protect him. He was right. As the skeletons approached, a bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree dropping a club-sized branch at Gaven’s feet. With a shout of defiance, a handful of skeletons turned to flee (his friends swear they saw Light emanating from Gaven, though most folks believe this was just a flash of lightning). Gaven then seized the branch and crushed the remaining skeletons, earning him the surname ‘Bonecrusher’.

Gaven used his carpentry skills to fashion an ornate club and holy symbol from the branch given to him by ‘the Light’. He became an acolyte to the church in Woodfield and now he travels to Fairbrook to begin his mission to bring 'Light' to chaos.


  1. PP: Gaven looks like a pretty cool PC! If you don't mind my asking, what's the focus of this blog going to be? Have fun with that S&W campaign. :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment. As for the focus of this blog, I suppose the overall focus will be a repository for my thoughts on rules and house rules as I build a campaign world of my own for when my son (who is three) is ready to play.

      Right now, he likes playing with my Pathfinder Beginner Box and the included adventure with map mat, which I've kiddified. He loves playing his "'venture" game.

    2. Cool. I played PF for a few months last year. It was fun. I've heard great things about the Beginner Box. Following your blog now!

  2. Prof P, glad to see you're going to share your experience with Bard DMing. Bard is one of my favorites on the blogosphere. Good luck and keep blogging.